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Traditional and Non-Invasive treatments
 Needling is a wonderful and time tested form of treatment. Wellbridge uses the highest quality, sterile, single use Seirin needles. These needles are comparable in diameter to a human hair and the technique I use makes the process incredibly relaxing. 
For patients who prefer non-invasive methods, we have acu-laser pens and acu-patches that can be used both in office and in telehealth apointments.
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Guided meditations available pre-recorded and live.
Your immune system is highly intelligent. Your immune cells have the capability to participate in chemical messages sent by the brain to the body. Your thoughts affect your immunity.
Research has found meditation to:
  • Reduce markers of inflammation
  • Increase CD-4 helper cells to destroy infections
  • Increase telomerase activity - telomerase help promote stability of chromosomes and prevent their deterioration (deterioration can lead to premature aging and cancer). 
Cupping therapey.PNG
Cupping Therapy
Beneficial for muscle spasm or tension and injury/workout recovery. Increases blood and lymph fluid circulation to promote healing.
This procedure is in office only. Available as stand alone service or combined with acupuncture. I used a pneumatic device to create the suction in the cups instead of the fire cupping. This allows me to control the amount of suction/pressure created. The process is not painful but may create some light circular marks which will dissipate in a few days.
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